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Our Story

Born an Original

After working in eCommerce selling products on other websites, Larry's After Hours was always a dream where our team could focus on what we love, MUSIC.

We are the kind of people who sit at our desk and chair rave all day to mixes. We are the kind of people who get psyched for the weekend. We are the kind of people who have our best memories with friends at festivals. We are different, often misunderstood, and sometimes just plain weirdos. 

Raised in Detroit and brought to Chicago for work during the economic collapse, music has always followed me personally and I was lucky to be surrounded by it in such amazing cities. I started After Hours to bring apparel and design to the industry and have fun. 

Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about our products, eCommerce in general, or want to say hello and discuss music (send mixes please).



Soldier Field 2012